Are You Afraid of What You Don’t Understand?

Photo by Dazzle Jam from Pexels

Black & Queer in Central Europe?

As black, queer women, people would undoubtedly stare at them on the street if they were to walk hand in hand, hug or make out in the pool (like most heterosexual couples do), because I was sending them to a country led by a government which puts up literal fences against people who are “different”. My answer to her question about going to Bucharest was the same. If I were a queer black woman, these cities would be the last places I’d choose for a romantic weekend.

Back to the 1930s?

In my neighbourhood, where I hardly ever hear German, election banners for a party which was part of the Austrian government attract voters with hateful and offensive messages about foreigners, and huge Mc Donald’s billboards point out that if you go to Thailand on vacation, you’ll eat rice for ten days, so it’s better you stay in Austria and eat regional bacon in an American bun.

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